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I'm stuck in life and scared!

Q: Ive been stuck in life for 10+ years. Im a female who lives at my parents. My dad is old. I have no job,no income, no edu, no friends,unmarried & feeling unable to do such normal things. Im scared about what will happen to me. Should i still have hope even tho i feel unable to do anything to fix it?


A: I’m sorry to hear of your worries. Please try and remember the blessings you do have and enjoy on a regular basis. As instructed by our Prophet (peace be upon him), “look at those of lesser means and never look at those above you for this will prevent you from denying the blessing of Allah”. The abundant blessings of Allah cannot be counted. This should urge us to rejoice, be grateful, and hopeful. Maintaining a positive attitude is key to success. The Prophet (peace be upon him) related that Allah the Mighty and Majestic said, “I am as my servant thinks of me. If he/she thinks well of me, they shall have it. If he/she thinks evil of me, they shall have it.” So keep your head up and your heart filled with hope. Try not to become overwhelmed with the worries of this world. Put your trust in Allah and tackle your challenges one at a time and I’m sure you will find relief just around the corner.

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