How to Guide: 'Umrah

Imam Ahmad reported that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said, "One Umrah to the next serves as an expiation for what occurs between them..."

Before making 'Umrah, it's best to familiarize yourself with the following important points. Click on the arrows for details.

There are five conditions which if met, 'Umrah becomes obligatory.

1. Muslim 2. Complete Freedom 3. Mental Faculty 4. Puberty (It is valid if performed by a prepubescent youth but will not fulfill the obligation) 5. Capable i.e. has access to suitable provisions and transportation, in excess of what is required for themselves and their family. An additional sixth condition must be met by females which is the presence of a maḥram, such as a husband, father, or a nurse-relative etc., without which, her travel will be impermissible.

There are three pillars which must be fulfilled for a valid 'Umrah.

1. Ihram 2. Tawaf 3. Sai

There are nine things which are impermissible while in Ihram.

1. Removing hair. 2. Trimming nails. If a single hair or nail is removed, the penalty is to feed a single poor person. If two hairs or two nails are removed, it is to feed two poor people. The penalty for three or more hairs or nails is mentioned below. 3. Wearing fitted clothing (Men Only) or wearing gloves (Men and Women). 4. Covering the head of a man or the face of a woman. 5. Applying perfume to the body or clothing, using it in any way, or intentionally smelling it.

The expiation for committing any of the above (with the exception of 1 or 2 hairs or nails) is to choose between the following;

  1. Fasting three days.

  2. Feeding six poor people one mudd of wheat or one-half ṣāʿ of dates or barley.

  3. Slaughtering a sheep.

6. Killing an edible land-game animal or participating in hunting it.

The compensation for hunting is to choose between an analogous animal, if available, and distributing it to the poor of the sanctuary or appraising its value in dirhams and purchasing food sufficient for Fiṭr to feed every poor person one mudd of wheat or one-half ṣāʿ of something else; or fasting one day in place of the food for each poor person.

7. Entering into a marriage contract or participating in the process. There is no compensation for entering into a marriage contact while in ihram, it is however invalid and sinful. 8. Intercourse which obligates ghusl. If committed before completing sa'i, the 'urmah will be invalid, must be completed to disengage, and must be made up immediately. If it is committed after the sa'i but before shaving/trimming the hair, it is still valid. In both cases, a sheep must be slaughtered as a penalty. 9. Outercourse which results in ejaculation. The penalty is the sacrifice of a sheep. Note: The expiation of fitted clothing, perfume, and covering the head is forgone due to forgetfulness, ignorance, or compulsion but not intercourse, hunting, shaving, and clipping.

There are two obligations that must be fulfilled for 'Umrah.

1. Making Ihram from non-sacred land. 2. Shaving or trimming the hair.

Follow the instructions below. Click on the arrows for further details, pictures, and instructional videos.

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