Who is Obliged to Attend Jumu'ah?

Updated: May 29, 2020

Q: Who is obliged to attend the Jumu'ah/Friday prayer service?

A: Jumuʿah is obligatory upon the following:

  1. free resident Muslim males of legal capacity in an area with buildings (even if constructed of cane);

  2. travelers not permitted to shorten prayer;

  3. and residents living outside the city an explicit distance of one farsakh (5.31 US miles/8.43 km) or less between them and its location (from the minaret).

It is not obligatory upon the following:

  1. those permitted to shorten;

  2. the bondsman;

  3. partially subjugated;

  4. women;

  5. and hermaphrodites.

It will suffice for whoever attends, however it is not convened with them and they, as well as non-residents, are not to be counted as a part of the 40. Likewise, their imāmship for it is not valid.

Source: Bidayat al-Abid

For details, please watch the video below.


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