Jumu'ah Prayer for Temporary Residents

Q: I am temporarily living in a city, renting an apartment, with my wife and kid, far from my permanent home. I plan to stay here for a year or more but not take up permanent residence in this area. Am I required to pray Jumuah?

A: In this scenario where you are staying far from your home beyond the standard 4 days, which permit shortening and combining prayers, without the intent of becoming permanent residents, you are obliged to attend Jumu'ah prayer so long as you are in the general vicinity of its location. This type of obligation is an indirect obligation which basically means that because you are in the presence of others who are directly obliged, you are also obliged by default. The nature of this obligation does however prevent you from leading them in Jumu'ah prayer because your obligation is a result of theirs.

Source: Sharh al-Muntaha

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