Exceptional Prayers During Prohibited Times

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Q: Are there any prayers that can be prayed during the prohibited times?

A: The prohibited times include the following;

1. The time of Fajr until the sun rises the height of a spear above the horizon.

2. At the sun's zenith until it casts the slightest shadow to the East.

3. From completion of the Asr prayer until Maghrib.

During these times it is not permissible i.e. haram to prayer or perform voluntary prayer of any kind/form such as sujud tilawah, eclipse prayer, greeting the masjid (unless it’s during the khutbah as mentioned below), making up a ratibah, etc.

The exceptions to this prohibition are limited to the following:

1. A prayer obliged by an oath during that time.

2. The makeup of an obligatory prayer.

3. The 2 rakahs following Tawaf.

4. Repeating the prayer in congregation while in the masjid.

5. A funeral prayer after Fajr or Asr if there is fear for the deceased.

6. The 2 rakahs to greet the masjid made during the Friday sermon.

Source: Sharh al-Muntaha, Hidayat al-Raghib

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