What Must Men Cover in Prayer?

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

Q: As a man, how much of my body must I cover in prayer?

A: From the conditions of prayer is covering the ‘awrah. 

Grown men and boys ages 10 and older must cover what is between, and not including, the navel and the knees. A child from 7-10 years must cover their private parts. This must be covered at all times except for medical purposes, to use the restroom, or during intimacy, etc. 

It is sufficient for a man to simply cover his awrah in order to pray a voluntary prayer. For an obligatory prayer it is sufficient to cover the awrah along with one shoulder. It is however, preferred for men to pray in two garments such as a long shirt and pants.  

Source: Hidayat al-Raghib 


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