How do I prayer salat al-Eid?

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Q: How do I pray salat al-Eid?

A: It is to be prayed as two rakʿahs before the sermon. Takbīr is made in the first rakah (after the opening supplication but before seeking refuge) six times. In the second rakah, it is made five times before recitation. The hands are raised with every takbīr while saying, “Allāh is ever Greatest. Much praise belongs to Allāh, Glory to Him morning and evening. May the prayer of Allāh and plentiful peace be upon Muhammad and his family.” If desired, something else can be said.

There is no dhikr that should be mentioned after the final tabkīr of each of them. Then al-Fātiḥah is recited followed by al-Ala in the first rakʿah, and al-Ghāshiyah in the second. After the salām, two sermons are delivered, the rulings of which are like that of the Friday sermons, including the impermissibility of speaking during the sermon.

It is recommended to begin the first with nine continuous takbīrs and the second with seven; while standing. On the Fiṭr, those in attendance are encouraged to give charity and are told what to distribute. They should be encouraged on Aḍḥā to slaughter a sacrificial animal, as well as taught its rulings. The extra takbīrs, dhikr between them, and the sermons are recommended.

Source: Bidayat al-Abid

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