What are the basic requirements of the khutbah?

Updated: May 29

Q: AsalamuAlaykum. I’m giving my first khutbah tomorrow InshaAllah. What are the basic fare requirements for what I have to say? ie 1 verse of Quran in each half, hamd in both halves etc. And should they be said in Arabic.

A: Wa ‘alaykum al-salam. The sermons have six pillars which are: praise of Allāh; prayers upon Allāh’s messenger; recitation of a verse from Allāh’s Book; counsel to have taqwa of Allāh; continuity of both sermons with the prayer; and audible delivery so that the required number hears without hindrance. It is invalidated with unpermitted speech (even if minute) and, if delivered in a language other than Arabic, is like recitation and thus invalid except due to inability. No such exception is made for recitation. The following are recommended: delivery on the minbar or an elevated location; delivery while standing and leaning on a sword or staff; shortening them both (the second being shorter); raising the voice in both, per ability; and supplication for the Muslims. It is permissible to supplicate for someone specific, such as the ruler. It is not blameworthy to deliver the sermon from a paper.

All the best!

Source: Bidayat al-Abid

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