How many extra prayers can I make?

Q: I want to pray more than the 5 prayers. How many extra prayers can I make?

A: There are many extra prayers you can make. The best are those offered in congregation like the eclipse prayer, rain prayer, tarawih, and witr. Then you can focus on the highly recommended prayers such as 2 rakahs before Fajr, 2 after Maghrib, then 2 before and 2 after Zuhr, and 2 after Isha. The previous 10 rakahs are known as sunnah ratibah and can be made up. When you master those you can add an additional 20. 4 before Zuhr, 4 after, 4 before Asr, 4 after Maghrib, and 4 after Isha. When you master those, you will find more prayers in the more extensive books of the Hanabilah.

Source: Sharh al-Muntaha

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