Method of Slaughter for Qurbani

Q: Is there a preferred method of slaughter for each animal?

A: It is recommended to slaughter the camel while it is standing with its left leg bound, puncturing the fossa between its neck and sternum. This method is called naḥr.

It is recommended to slaughter the cow, sheep, and goat while they are lying on their left side while facing the qibla. This method is called dhabh.

It is permitted to perform naḥr on that which is typically slaughtered by way of dhabh and to perform dhabh on that which is typically slaughtered by way of dhabh.

This is because both methods are in the same relative location and draw blood in the same fashion.

It is obligatory to say bismillah when beginning to slaughter i.e. when the hand moves to strike or slice. If that is forgotten, it is forgone. It is recommended to say Allāh akbar as well as “O Allāh this is from You and for You”.

Source: Sharh al-Muntaha


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