This abridged translation of  Mukhtasar Minhaj Al-Qasidin is an abridged version of ibn al-Jawzi's summary of Imam Abu Hamid al-Ghazali's well-known book, Ihya Ulum Ad-Din.


Imam Ibn al-Jawzi was impressed with al-Ghazali's book Ihya, and its wide acceptance by the masses, and therefore took it upon himself to contribute to its benefit by checking the narrations and removing those which were inauthentic or fabricated. He also removed several problematic concepts and practices.


Imam Abu al-Abbas Ahmad Ibn Qudamah followed by summarizing the work of Ibn al-Jawzi in order to produce a shorter and more accessible presentation of the most fundamental aspects of Islamic spirituality. 

Section 1: Inner Dimensions of Worship


  • Virtues of Knowledge

  • Purification

  • Prayer

  • Fasting

  • Pilgrimage

  • The Qur'an

  • Supplication

  • Words of Remembrance

Section 2: Pursuits of Custom

  • Eating, Drinking, Hosting

  • Marriage

  • Livelihood

  • Companionship

  • Family Ties

  • Solitude

  • Travel

  • Public Religiosity

  • Common Evils

  • Social Manner

Section 3: Destructive Vices

  • The Amazing Heart

  • Taming the Soul

  • Refining the Character

  • Destroying Desires

  • Slips of the Tongue

  • Anger, Malice, Jealousy

  • Station and Adulation

  • Pride and Conceit

  • Deception and its Types 

Section 4: Qualities of Deliverance

  • Repentance

  • Patience and Gratitude

  • Hope and Fear

  • Abstention and Poverty

  • Monotheism and Trust

  • Love, Longing, Affability

  • Intentionality

  • Sincerity and Honesty

  • Self-Examination

  • Reflection

  • Remembrance of Death and What Lies Beyond 

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