Mukhtasar Sīrat al-Nabi

Abridged Biography of the Prophet

'Abd al-Ghani b. 'Abd al-Wahid al-Maqdisi

The Short Biography of the Prophet and His Ten Companions is a great primer work in the subject of Sirah by the Great Hafiz Abd al-Ghani al-Maqdisi.


The author presents the most pertinent information of the Prophet's life in a very succinct manner so that the Hanbali Disciple will find no problem committing this work to memory.


The videos below provide a similarly succinct explanation for proper understanding.

Module 1 - The Prophet's Life

In this module, you will learn the following:

  • About the Author

  • Lineage​ of the Prophet

  • His Parents

  • Being orphaned

  • Nursing

  • Trips to Sham

  • Beginning of Revelation

  • The Migration

  • His Passing

Module 2 - The 10 Companions Promised Paradise

In this module, you will learn the following:

  • Abu Bakr

  • Umar

  • Uthman

  • Ali

  • Talhah

  • al-Zubair

  • Sa'd

  • Sa'id

  • Abdur-Rahman

  • Abu Ubaydah